APT MotoVox Group Inc. Investors Army!

APT FOLKS (READ HERE: DD)….Welcome to the NEW APT Motovox Group, Inc.! BEFORE getting into the below I’d like to direct your attention to the Intro Page (aka iBox), which can be found at the top of the page on the right hand corner. Make sure it says, “SHOW INTRO” I encourage EVERYONE to visit the iBox (and to SHARE this with new folks), so others can find “some” easier DD.

The current iHub $FROZ Board, Name, Ticker and Audited FINS:
1) On Friday, June 20th: APT Motovox Group, Inc. has officially announced the name change. Click Here to See the PR
2) We know APT submitted the FINRA request weeks ago, per one of their PRs, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it very soon! Soon as FINRA approves the new ticker symbol, FINRA will update the OTC Bulletin Board.
3) The board Name and Ticker doesn’t change UNTIL OFFICIALLY posted in the OTCBB and I will make sure iHub changes this ASAP!
4) Audited FINS are expected the first week of July or sooner! (Note: MARKET IS CLOSED on Friday, July 4th!

Below you will find a series of topics and links, which provide a little more in-depth details about APT and some history.

    • CEO Interview (A must listen!) 5/22/2014: Click Here
    • APT Group, Inc. Announces Company Renamed: APT MotoVox Group, Inc.: Click Here
    • APT SonicFlowTM 2-Cycle Engines & DD: Click Here
    • Wealth of DD about APT Here: Click Here
    • Auditors Request of Financials: Click Here 1st week of July (WILL NOT be delayed)
    • Outstanding – new sponsorship/ World Of Outlaws: Click Here
    • APT Smartcarb Air Boots; was told their being SHIPPED OUT DAILY!: Click Here
    • APT and Cycle Playground Great Partners: Click Here
    • Partnership and Contract Deal(s) with GasGas: Click Here
    • APT also had an amazing meeting with The Fifth Joint Meeting of the Space Resources Round-table (SRR) and the Planetary and Terrestrial Mining Sciences Symposium (PTMSS), also with NASA, and Lockheed Martin. Read My Space Update Here: Click Here
    • It’s all about INNOVATION!!: Click Here
    • APT remains sponsors of GasGas and 360 Stunts racers: Click Here

Motovox TradeMarks

SmartCarb Patent

Other Patents
US Patent Application No: 2013/0206,107

APT is not a typical OTC Company. APT was comprised of four Limited Liability Companies existing independently since 2008 that collectively raised over 25M in capital and tangible assets.



2 thoughts on “APT MotoVox Group Inc. Investors Army!

  1. APT Group! HUGE potential with hundreds of Retail Outlets, Big Box Stores, and Online Retail Sites. No Brainer here. Hold for 6+ Months and watch APT grow from there on out !

  2. We specialize in working with engineers all over the world and there is one thing they all say …..”wow, this is real big and a game changer.”

    I could not agree more!

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